Creating and Giving

November 11th, 2014 No Comments

Did you know that when you make a card for someone, and you think of them while you’re making it, that energy is imbued in the card?

That happens when you make anything really, it’s one of the awesome things about ‘homemade’ gifts, but I find cards are much quicker and ‘easier’ to do this wiht than other things.

So, a sympathy card can be filled with loving thoughts and healing ‘vibes’.

A get well cards can literally help the recipient ‘GET WELL’!

When you make something by hand, and you put your loving intentions and heartfelt energy into it, it’s like a hug.  One that they can recieve whenever they look at the object.

The card you made becomes a direct, strong link between you and whom you give it to.

A few minutes of fun and laughter with an amazing group of people and you can literally give those happy vibes to someone along with the card.

Join us and join in the ‘Magic’ of creating and gifting.  😉

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About the author

I'm a freelance writer and Energy Worker/Healer living in Ontario Canada.

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