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Hi 😀

I am a crafty type person and the greatest part of my life is to make things.

I prefer to make ‘Useful’ type things, but I also like to explore the wilder side of creating and often make things that look pretty but don’t serve much more purpose than that. lol

One of the things that I do a LOT of is paper crafting and I’ve become a Stampin UP independant Demonstrator because it’s fun, and awesome company and makes it way cheaper for me to make stuff. 😉

This is my Stampin Up storry 😀
My Stampin Up story.

I imagine that my story is pretty similar to most other Demonstrators. 🙂

I went to a card making class that was being held at a local Tea Shop (Tea Connection) mostly to support a friend and help ‘get things going’.

I really didn’t think I would like it very much as I wasn’t one for giving away greeting cards too often.

I surprised myself with how much I found I enjoyed it. lol

I wanted to order some things, as I wasn’t having as much fun making them at home without some of the ‘tools’ we had access to at the class. When my Mom and I went to purchase the stuff we wanted, we were shown that it was more cost effective for us to sign up as demonstrators than to purchase what we wanted at retail.

My mom signed up that afternoon and put in half of our order. I signed up under her the next day and put in the other half of our order. lol

I took over the Tea shop group from my Team Leader, and I’ve been having a blast every since. 🙂

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