SCA Adventures: Greetings!

June 11th, 2019 No Comments

Good day gentle person, or in modern terms; Hey, how’s it going? 🙂

My hubby and I found an amazing ‘game’ and a group of people many moons ago when our kids were still pretty young and at home. We became involved but found the travel time just to be too much for us back then.

Fast forward a ‘few’ years and we’re back into it. This time we’re older, a bit wiser and fortunate that through contacts we’d made years ago, we’ve found a local group.

These posts and blurbs will be about my growth and experiences within this amazing group/game but before I get too much into that I want to give other newcomers a boost!

The SCA is always growing and changing. I live in Ontario Canada and live within the ‘realm’ (area) of the Kingdom of Ealdomere within the boundaries of the Shire of Trinvantia Nova.

When I first found this game I felt like I had come home but there were limits to how far I could travel and when. At that point I had neither the social contacts nor the technical advantages that most of us have now.

If I’ve led you to this post, or if you’ve found it on your own and live in South Western Ontario, you can contact me through this site or check out these links!

Webpage for the SCA Newcomer’s Portal:
Society for Creative Anachronism’s Newcomers Portal

Webpage for the Kingdom of Ealdomere:

Webpage for the Shire of Trinovantia Nova:
This is the Shire that I play within!

There are MANY more sites for other groups and if you’re NOT ‘local’ to me you can find links to YOUR local group through the Newcomers portal!

I created this so that I can direct those that are interested in the game to more information about it quickly and easily!

I am NOT an official within the society, nor do I pretend to speak for it, I just want to share and play.

Stand by for hopefully lots of new posts and cool pictures about my adventures! 😀

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